Congratulations on finding my cookalkaline.com blog. There are many sources that offer scientific information on alkaline diets and the effects on the human body.

This is not one of them. My intention is to share delicious recipes of everyday food with a twist or two to turn them into a more alkaline meal for an alkaline lifestyle.

You will be surprised how easy it is to maintain this way of eating.

I have always lived a healthy lifestyle and ate mostly organic fruit and vegetables with very little animal products. I was surprised a few years ago when my doctor informed me that I had osteoporosis.  My doctor prescribed drugs that I took for 4 years. My osteoporosis worsened. Two years ago I embarked on researching the alternatives to taking the bisphosphonate drugs, Fosamax and Boniva.   What I have discovered and has been widely known is that an alkaline diet can actually reverse osteoporosis as it has in my case.

Other benefits which I discovered are: it has improved my overall good health, no colds, no sore throats, no flu shot, no flu. Additionally I lost weight in the process and I am winning the race against osteoporosis.

I will be sharing my alkaline ideas and recipes and I hope you will enjoy them. My friend Jorun acts as my test kitchen, recreating the recipes for her family and friends.

Thank you for your interest in cooking alkaline, Sari

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