Happy Thanksgiving. If you are reading this blog today you must be wondering what to eat today at the Thanksgiving meal. I try to make staying on an alkaline diet as less stressful as possible. Remember it is all about the ratio of alkaline foods( 80%) to acid foods( 20%) on your plate. If this is your favorite holiday and you want to indulge a little more than usual. Try a( 60%) alkaline foods and( 40%) acid foods. You actually  stay in a comfort zone but can have a few extra treats without upsetting your diet. And don’t forget that we can store alkaline foods in our bodies. So I suggest that you eat an alkaline breakfast, oatmeal, or a fresh fruit smoothie and  for lunch a light vegetable salad or a bowl of vegetable soup. I always eat breakfast and lunch especially before a big dinner. This way I am not starving when I sit down and I can make better choices of what foods I am putting on my plate. So if Turkey is your thing, go for it. Enjoy the sweet potatoes and mashed  potatoes with it. And don’t forget the vegetable dishes. When dessert is served, look for the fresh fruit. If there is a pie that you just have to have, try to just have a taste. It usually takes about 20 minutes to feel full, so if you eat slowly and your dinner lasts 20 minutes, dessert will not be so tempting. That is my secret for today. You will be surprised how easy it is to stay Alkaline and have a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday.